Professional U.S. Immigration Consultation Options for Potential Client(s)

If you would like to be legally represented by Attorney Van Ryan Ngo for your U.S. immigration needs, you have two options to begin the process, which are explained below.

Option 1: U.S. Immigration Initial Consultation.

As is typical for U.S.-licensed lawyers, Attorney Ngo will first need to meet with you to conduct a U.S. Immigration Initial Consultation to gather the necessary background facts about your potential case to determine, among others, if you are even eligible for any U.S. immigration benefit(s) and if there are any issues with your case.  Attorney Ngo will, then, be able to determine whether he can represent you to obtain the relevant immigration benefit(s) and quote you a legal fee to do so.  The U.S. Immigration Initial Consultation will last up to 45 minutes and can be conducted in-person at our office; by video-conference; or, in some circumstances, by audio call.  The fee for the U.S. Immigration Initial Consultation is only $75USD, plus VAT.

Option 2: U.S. Immigration Strategy Session.

In the alternative, if you would prefer a more in-depth meeting with Attorney Ngo to, for example, (1) strategize about your potential U.S. immigration options; or, (2) find ways to deal with a legal issue you may have, Attorney Ngo can meet with you to conduct a U.S. Immigration Strategy Session.  During this strategy session, Attorney Ngo will dive deeper into the details of your case or potential case and will be able to use his professional legal knowledge to give you formal and reliable legal advice only a U.S.-licensed immigration lawyer can provide.  Unlike the above-mentioned U.S. immigration consultation, Attorney Ngo will even conduct legal research and prepare for the U.S. Immigration Strategy Session before you even meet with him at the strategy session.  The actual U.S. Immigration Strategy Session will last up to 1 hour and 15 minutes and cost $325USD, plus VAT (The first 15 minutes of this time are not charged to the client as a professional courtesy for introductions and more.).  Any extra needed time will be billed at $325USD/hour, plus VAT, billed by the minute.  Of course, after the U.S. Immigration Strategy Session, Attorney Ngo can also legally represent you to complete any needed legal work and officially represent you before the relevant U.S. immigration government agencies, if applicable.

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