Ariana W.

After two denials for a B-2 Visa for my aunt to visit the United States to visit her sick sister, my mother and I were at a loss of what to do.  I even contacted my State Senator and the U.S. Department of State for help to no avail.  I researched many Immigration lawyers and found Attorney Van R. Ngo.  Mr. Ngo was one of the few attorneys I contacted who personally answered my initial email.  After a few emails back and forth, I felt comfortable hiring Mr. Ngo to help with my aunt’s B-2 Visa.  And I was glad I did.  Mr. Ngo and his staff did everything within their power and scope of practice to help my aunt and thoroughly prepare her for her interview with the U.S. Consulate in Ho Chi Minh City.  Mr. Ngo kept us updated with my aunt’s case with weekly email updates and Skype conferences.  He and his staff were thorough with the paperwork required to file for my aunt’s B-2 Visa.  He also contacted my State Senator for help with the U.S. Consulate in Ho Chi Minh City.  If I, my mother, or aunt had any questions or worries, Mr. Ngo answered them and assured us.  After all his and staff’s hard work, my aunt was approved for a B-2 Visa.  I’m so glad I chose Mr. Van R. Ngo.  I was impressed with his professionalism and dedication.  He and his staff treated my aunt, mother, and I like we were his most important clients.  If anyone needs an immigration lawyer, I wholeheartedly recommend Mr. Van R. Ngo.